Hungary’s Prime Minister has said the best solution to the migrant crisis in Europe would be to seal off the Greek border.

Viktor Orban was speaking ahead of an EU summit in Brussels called to discuss the growing problem.

Hundreds of thousands of migrants from the Middle East have arrived in Europe this year via Greece.

According to Hungarian TV, Mr Orban said his first choice would be for Europe to defend its borders there.

But failing that Hungary had built a fence along its border with Croatia and would use it keep migrants out.

Mr Orban said a final decision would be made on Friday morning, adding the border could be closed “within an hour if necessary”.

“We need to grasp the problem at its source, meaning we need to go south and defend the Greek border,” he told reporters.

“That has yet to be done, so I hope today we can agree to seal the Greek border, in which Hungary is willing to be an actor.”

Mr Orban added: “Of course we can extend the Schengen rules to the Croatian border, as we did with the Serbian border, but that is a second best solution.

“The best solution would be for Greece to honour its contractual obligations, and if it cannot then we should do it for her.”

Hungary has already sealed off its border with Serbia after a huge wave of people from the Middle East and Africa made their way to Western Europe through the Balkans.

In response many have changed their route to Croatia, which has been moving them on to Hungary. Hungary, in turn, has been moving them on to Austria.

If Hungary decides to stop the flow through its territory altogether, migrants are likely to go through Slovenia instead.