A 5plane passenger watched in horror as he filmed one of the jet’s wings on fire as he and more than 90 others flew over the city of Perth in Australia.

The flight had left Perth Airport and was heading towards Barrow Island when passengers spotted sparks flying from a left-side engine.

Below, some on the ground took pictures of the BAE 146 jet, with what looked like flames shooting from a wing and billowing smoke.  

The plane, filled with mine workers, was forced to make a U-turn and carried out a successful emergency landing at the domestic airport, with no injuries.

A plane on fire near Perth Domestic Airport in Australia. Photo courtesy of Community Newspaper Group/Matt Pilat
Plane pictured from the ground. Pic: Matt Pilat/ Community Newspaper Group

Passenger Brad McCoy posted a video of the fire taken from his seat on his Facebook page, titled: “Part of my first plane crash.”

Another passenger Anthony Gelati told an Australian TV station: “All I saw is that it just got worse and worse as we were going along.”

Cobham Aviation Services said one of the plane’s four engines caught fire as it was climbing shortly after take off.

“When the fire was detected, the engine was shut down and the fire extinguished,” the company said in a statement.

“There were no injuries among the 92 passengers or two pilots and three cabin crew.